Activities include but are not limited to

  • Fun games of fetch
  • Friendly games of tug-of-war between brother and sister, new friends, and staff
  • Outside running and playing or just a relaxing day in the sun
  • Inside fun with fetch and friendly ruff housing between friends
  • While outside, dogs will be off leash (if they can be trusted to stay within the yard) to run and play

So, why take your pet to a kennel that leaves him or her in a crate for hours on end or have little to no human one-on-one time? We here at Wright Pet Kennels would like to make your pets’ stay at the safest and most fun place they could have away from home.

WPK Likes List

A Vacation For Your Pet!


Things to remember to bring with you and your pet for an overnight lodging that will make the transition more comfortable.

1. Their bed or blanket and an old t-shirt or towel with your sent on it. 
2. Enough food to last the duration of your pet's stay
3. Favorite toys
4. Medications they will need
5. And of course the dog or cat

Favorite Magazines

  • Dogster 
  • Catster
  • Modern Dog

TickEncounter Resource Center > LINK

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals > LINK

American Animal Hospital Association > LINK

American Veterinary Medical Association > LINK

Vet Specialists > LINK